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"Autism is a treatable condition requiring much patience, understanding and love" Dr K. Ferraro !
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Resource Links

We recognize that information about the services that we render is of importance to you and the following are links to information about Acupuncture, Autism, Nutrition, Functional Medicine, and Supplements. There are many sources of information on the web and here are a few we like. We will be updating these links regularly. Please remember that although this information is helpful, you should see a professional health care giver for the treatment and diagnoses of any maladies you or members of your family are experiencing.

Autism Resource Links
TACA - LINK Talk about curing Autism
Research - LINK Autism Research Institute
Parent Resources Autism Parent Resource
NINDS- LINK Autism Fact Sheet

Acupuncture Resource Links
NIH NCCAM - LINK National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
AAMA - LINK American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

Nutrition and Supplement Resource Links
Nutrition - LINK MyPlate USDA Site
Drugs and Supplements - LINK MedlinePlus

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