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"Autism is a treatable condition requiring much patience, understanding and love" Dr K. Ferraro !



New Patient Forms

These forms are required by new patients for your first visit to our office,and are presented here for your convenience.They are broken into two categories adult and children. Please choose the appropriate form and fill it out prior to your visit in the privacy and convenience of your home. If you have questions please call us.

Your careful consideration to the questions contained in the forms below will enhance our efficiency and will provide for more effective use of your scheduled consultation time. These questions will help to identify underlying causes of illness and will help us formulate a treatment plan. Please take the time to print them at home and bring them with you to the office.

Acupuncture Forms
Acupuncture Consent - Form Acupuncture Consent
Patient History - Form PatientHistory

Frequency Specific Microcurrent Forms
FSM Consent - Form FSM Consent

Adult Intake Forms
Adult Consent - Form Adult Consent
Adult Intake - Form Adult Intake
Supplement-Consent-Form Supplement-Form
Medicare Contract-Form Medicare-Contract-Form
Privacy - Form Privacy Form
Hyperbaric-Consent Hyperbaric-Consent Form
Hyperbaric-Questionare Hyperbaric-Questionare Form

Pediatric Intake Forms
Child Consent - Form Child Consent
Child Intake - Form Child Intake
ASD Child Intake - Form ASD Form 2
Privacy - Form Privacy Form

Wellness Forms
Patient History - Form PatientHistory
Privacy - Form Privacy Form

Questions? Please Call Us
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Questions or comments? Please call 717-243-0616.